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Memory and place share a critical, dynamic relationship with each other. Together they conjoin to provide much of the context for modern identities. The complex nature of the interactions of humans with their surrounding environment leads to formation of memories. These memories evolve over time and play a significant role in molding individual identities. These interactions of course involve both, the influence of the environment on humans, as well as changes inflicted by humans on their surroundings. I am interested in this process by which a place grows on an individual or in other words how a place claims people. Although photography has been the primary medium of choice for me for a few years now, the belief that a sense of place can be most appropriately depicted through an interdisciplinary approach has led me to experiment not only within the medium of photography but also in other mediums like sound and installation art in recent times. The intimate experiences that I have had with the surrounding environment, over a number of years, in and around the place that I identify as ‘home’ have played a pivotal role in helping me understand my relationship to other places, which I have visited or temporarily inhabited, and have left a lasting impression on my ‘self’. In that sense my work is very personal, but can be seen to have a much wider relevance in the contemporary context.  
-mayuresh moghe

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