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What brought me back to blogging again

In yesterday's post I had mentioned that there was a trigger that set me off to begin writing my blog again. The trigger was this post by photographer Nick Fancher

He speaks at length about how he gave up for a year and how things turned better for him. I am definitely not someone who frequents social media and hence have never really felt the need to cut myself off from it. Although Facebook, which I have not visited for almost three years now is an exception to this. But some of the observations that Nick has made surely deserve a long consideration in my opinion. Of course I am saying all this from a personal perspective and my objective is not to generalize it. After reading I did feel very strongly that writing a blog or even sharing my work in progress in a blog post makes much more sense than posting a story or a picture with a bunch of hashtags (some relevant, others mostly invented) on Instagram, and hoping that it receives maximum likes or views. I feel there is a loss of purpose in this as the focus is garnering likes rather than sharing the work or providing an outlet to my creative process. When I am writing a blog post like I am doing one now, I feel the involvement in what I am trying to say is much deeper than the shallow bustle to post something that is half cooked at best. Needless to say the responses I get also are similar, because it hardly takes any effort to double tap an image and like it. On the other hand a blog post will demand more from the audience and only those who are genuinely interested will have the patience to read or go through it. As a consequence the feedback I will get, though fewer in volume, will have quality.

Now the question is who would be interested in the first place or even if they are do they have the the extra time that I Might ask from them compared to going through an instagram story. This only time will tell, but I believe that it is an experiment worth trying and since this quarantine period has been one for trying out new things, I might as well go ahead with this. As I already said I am not giving up Instagram (the only social media app that I am using as of now) totally. It is more like I have decided to take my own process a little.more seriously and that is why the return to blogging.

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