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Homecoming to the blog

What better time to get active again on the blog than this trying time of quarantine. There were a lot of positives that came out of quarantine for me

1. Reconnected with a lot of friends and family. A good thing was I was voice calling or video calling a lot of people and not texting them.

2. Considering the hit that economy has taken, the sinking stock market and everything else, my finances for the last month look pretty promising and no I have not opted for the Moratorium on any debt payments.

3. Learnt to experiment with meagre available resources as far as work is concerned, with pretty satisfying results. Most of the photography I did was studies for future proposed projects. But the satisfaction that the work ethic bought was tremendous.

4. Watched good films, TV shows and did quite a decent amount of reading.

5. Started doing a short but effective workout routine at home.

6. Began enjoying beautiful evenings with family on my house terrace with a cup of tea.

7. Had some amazing conversations and exchanges with some current and ex students, something that was sorely missing from my routine during the last year or two.

8. To begin writing again was on the cards since a long time and I also spoke about it to a couple of friends. Now that has materialized through this blog post. Actually something triggered it, but I will write about that in my next blog post.

Today I am just glad that I went ahead with resolve about writing this post.

To end on a funny note here is a picture wearing safety glasses, which have been my companion since I underwent the LASIK procedure three weeks back and the lockdown has still not allowed me to get a new pair of prescription glasses. But the fact that I have been able to write this post using my phone endorses the success of the LASIK, doesn't it?

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