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Begin Again

The title of today's blog post is after a 2013 movie of the same name. The film starred the ever amazing Mark Ruffalo as a once successful, but now down and out record label executive, Dan Mulligan and the effortlessly beautiful (can't say how strongly I am in agreement with Elizabeth Day of Harper's Bazaar in this opinion) Keira Knightley in the role of an aspiring singer-songwriter Gretta James. The film walks us through their individual journeys and how they navigate through their personal and professional struggles before a chance encounter turns in to a promising collaboration between the two talents. The message that the film delivers is that no matter how many curve balls life throws at you, one should not feel defeated. On the contrary one should have the self belief, patience and most importantly perseverance. Even if things seem to be going downhill for sometime, there is definitely going to be an ascent round the corner. That is the law of nature and life.

I remebered this film today as I find myself on the threshold of something new and exciting. Admitted, that I do not have a clear idea of what that is going to be or how I will be going about it and yet there is a sense of excitement. Giving up a decently paying job where one has given almost nine dedicated years is against all conventional wisdom, especially for a man who is in his mid forties. It sounds like an ideal receipe for panic to set in. Yet ever since I have made this call I have felt a remarkable sense of peace and a strange confidence that whatever is happening is happening for the better. That is what gave me the strength to stick to my decision. I reckon every once in a while all of us face situations where we feel that we have given it our all, be it career, relationships or anything else and that it is time to wrap up because one has reached a saturation level or a state of stagnancy. At that point the only thing that keeps coming to the mind is "That's it, I am done with this.' That is exactly what happened with me.

I have had my "Begin Again" moments at least at two junctures in the past, which similarly and fortunately. like in the story of Dan and Gretta led to better and more interesting things. Although the parameters are very different this time and the stakes much higher, I have a very strong feeling that this time too it is not going to be much different, probably even more exciting. That is why I say there could not be a better time than now to BEGIN AGAIN.

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