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Began working on the coffee table book

FInally, after procrastinating for what seemed like an eternity, I have seriously began working on the coffee table book. The reasons for the book not reaching anywhere close to materializing near its originally proposed publicaton date, somewhere between Diwali and Christmas of 2021, were manifold. Initially, there was skepticism about the images themselves, and what I exactly wanted to be the content of the book, which led to questioning the actual number of images I had and whether they were suffficient to consitute a book. Although the latter of these issues was resolved very quickly, the former, along with the circumstances that I was surrounded by during those days, combined with the creative lethargy that I was experiencing prevented the project from getting anywhere near satisfaction. However, in the following days, the conflicts in my head pertaining to the book itself were gradually resolved leading to a lucidity which lacking till that point.

This book 'Andre Kertesz The Polaroids' on the exclusive polaroid works of the great Andre Kertesz, which I managed to lay my hands on was greatly inspiring. Being a huge fan of Kertesz' work, I was familiar with a few of his polaroids, but did not have an inkling that he had used this medium so extensively, especially dutring the last few years of his illustrious photography practice, that spanned over seven decades. It is this book that has played a crucial role in resolving the conflicts that I refered to earlier. Somewhere along the way I decided that in a humble way my book is going to be an homage to this great legend.

I was certain from the very beginning that this book, my first one, would have photographs exclusively made using the Fuji Instax Neo 90, a camera format that I have taken a strong liking to over the last three to four years. I have now almost finalized the images that would be going in this book and am working on the layout and design of the book. Today was a big work day where I got all the instant pictures scanned and almost ready for the final edit and layout. Among the many things that I am planning to venture in to as a freelancer, the book is the topmost priority for me, as I do not have scope for any excuses now like the ones back in 2021. So, the book is on its way for sure this time around. Keep watching this space for the updates. I have thought of the title of the book to be "Reverence; Light, Shadow & Color". Let us reserve the discussion on why that title and what the book will involve for another blog post. As of now I am eagerly looking forward to it, hoping that you all do as well. Cheers.

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