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A Freelance Monday after nine years...

Monday, being the first day of a new work week has never been exciting. Monday blues is a term not uncommon to any of us. Many of us while spending a lovely Sunday evening with friends, family or loved ones often cringe at the thought of having to show up at work the next morning. However, today I am delighted at the thought that these monday blues have made a disappearance from my life at least speaking of my current situation, career wise. Hence this attempt at the revival of my blog, which has been dormant now for quite some time. Here I am at midnight sitting and writing a blog because almost after nine years I have a Monday morning coming up where I am not expected to show at work.

Yes, 10th February 2023 was my last day at Bharati Vidyapeeth's School of Photography, my full time job for close to the last nine years. I am not an employee anywhere anymore and am back to the wonderful days of freelancing. Well. things are not going to be easy, are they? But I am damn sure they are going to be super duper exciting. Bring on new challenges. The prospect of a struggle in the near future seems much dearer to me at the moment than the fear of stagnancy, which I have faced in the recent past. After a complete lull that lasted for about two months, especially since I made the decision to quit the job, my 'To Do' list for Monday is quite long. The fact that I actually made it says a lot.

The obvious question here is why did I quit the job. I have already listed one factor which is stagnancy, but there are several others which might require a separate blog post and I will surely address those at some point soon. For now as my eyes are drawing to a close I just want to go to sleep with the happy thought that tomorrow's Monday, after a long time for me is a 'Freelance' Monday and I am sure I am thoroughly going to enjoy it. Let us also hope that the freelance Monday sets the tone for the beginning of the materialization of all the exciting new ideas that I have in mind. Until then....

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